A unique setting...

We began our journey to expand our childminding businesses in 2014, Roger and Sue Harvey (Leisa’s parents) were very keen to help and support us and very generously offered to extend their own home so that we could pursue our dreams.

Though Roger and Sue could retire they prefer to keep busy and both are currently self-employed, Roger services, repairs and provides training in the use of evacuation chairs and Sue is a psychotherapeutic counsellor.  They have a beautiful home in which they raised three daughters and a gorgeous garden that they want to see a new generation of children growing, learning and enjoying.

In time, we’re hoping that Roger and Sue will have more involvement in the nursery.  Leisa learnt so much as a child about the natural environment through going on nature walks and bird watching excursions with her Dad Roger, we hope he will continue sharing this knowledge with our Little Incredibles through ‘Rambles with Roger’.  Leisa's Mum Sue was a childminder herself before she opened and managed a care home for the elderly in Whittlesey for 22 years, she’s also a brilliant cook and baker and we're hoping to make use of these skills too.

A very important part of Little Incredibles are our own children and families.  They have all grown up in a child care environment with many of the children.  We welcome them after school and in the holidays and appreciate all their support and patience in creating Little Incredibles.  

Building our Little Incredibles from scratch we had the luxury of making a bespoke setting that matched our vision.  We opened our doors in February 2017 and haven't looked back! 

Our Big Wild Garden is a vast learning space for the children to explore, cultivate, gain confidence, challenge themselves and express themselves freely.  We have been fortunate to have a term of forest school sessions that have created more opportunities for the children to explore their natural environment.

In the setting we explore children's interests and reflect the seasons and the wider world through activities, music, play and other sensory experiences.  We invite parents to come and share their child's experiences through stay and play and equally share their professions with the children.