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A unique setting...


In February 2017 Little Incredibles opened its doors for the first time welcoming children from the local community and beyond. 

The heart of Little Incredibles is the team of carers, many of whom have been with us since we opened. The team at Little Incredibles are dedicated to providing a warm and caring environment for your child and work closely with you to ensure that each child has the best opportunities to develop and thrive.  

Our bespoke  Curriculum is tailored to our children and their families. We understand the experiences that our children have at home and the interaction they have with their immediate and extended families. From regular communication with our families, questionnaires and discussions we understand what is important to them. They explained to us why they chose Little Incredibles and the importance of all that our Ethos encompasses.


The curriculum is ambitious but we know that by working together with our supportive families and with the community it is achievable for every child.


Little Incredibles Children leave the setting with a firm foundation for learning, respect for others and for their natural environment, the ability to communicate effectively and are confident in their movement and physical abilities. They are happy, confident, curious learners.

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