Welcome to Little Incredibles

Sue Harlow and Leisa Bufton have many years combined experience in Early Years Childcare, as registered Childminders and as mothers.  They began working together in 2012 and quickly discovered they shared the same passion and enthusiasm for the important roles they played in the lives of the children they cared for and their families.


Sue Harlow

With a love of adventure, colour, outdoors and challenge, child care is the perfect career path for me.  Every day is a new adventure, exploring the world through the eyes of the children in my care and being in wonder and awe of all that is new to them.  

Having my own children inspired me to  resign from my role at the Environment Agency and train and register as a childminder in 2009.  I had every intention of returning to my previous role after my son had started school but found the joy and satisfaction of childcare too enticing to leave! 

I relax and enjoy time out through running and take on challenges such as marathon races and obstacle courses.  

Before moving to Peterborough I lived in South Africa working for the British Government and before that I volunteered in Zambia and Uganda for a conservation organisation.  I studied at Manchester for my first degree and followed that up a few years later with a Masters at Sheffield.  

Leisa and I met and started working together in 2012, we have similiar ambitions, values and goals in life and in work, a kindred spirit! 

Leisa and Sue at the start of their new Little Incredibles Adventure.
Leisa Bufton

As a child I had aspirations of being a dancer; I followed this dream and in 1998 graduated from Roehampton Institute with a degree in Dance studies. Though I still dance ballet, and teach contemporary dance at a local school I found a new passion following the birth of my first daughter Jessamy, in 2000.  Whilst motherhood was often demanding and exhausting it was also an exhilarating and joyous experience.  My daughter was amazing, she challenged me in new ways everyday (and still does now!).

I first registered in Northampton as a Childminder in 2003, after the birth of my second daughter Eve; we relocated to my home village of Yaxley in 2005 when I was pregnant with my third daughter Violet.

Following my maternity leave, I found employment delivering organic veg boxes. This did not provide me with the same challenges or rewards as childminding had done, so, I registered again as a childminder in 2008 and I haven't looked back since...

Rebecca exploring Rutland beach with the children
Rebecca Darch

After gaining a degree in Zoology I worked in Public Health for the NHS.


My son was born in 2006 and I took a years maternity to make the most of my time with him. I loved seeing him grow and change on a daily basis and after briefly returning to work, I was a stay-at-home Mum for seven years until my daughter started school.  I feel very lucky that I was able to share that time with both of them.


Last year I decided to investigate the possibilities of working in childcare and (with encouragement from Sue!) decided to become a Childminder.  In November 2015 I started working with Sue as a Childminding Assistant. I gained my Ofsted Registration to be a Childminder at the end of 2015 and I started childminding from my home in April 2016. 


It’s been fantastic to have the help, support and encouragement from Sue and Leisa over the last year and I’m really looking forward to working with them as we embark on this new adventure at Little Incredibles!

Lorrie Pemberton

 After becoming an aunty to six nephews, I soon realised I wanted  to pursue a career in child care and education. I completed my Nursery Nursing course and went straight to Germany as a nanny on an RAF base near my sister.

Before  long, I got married and had two boys and we spent the next decade or so travelling around England, Northern Ireland and Germany with the RAF.  I had various jobs and voluntary positions such as child minding, home helping, dinner lady, youth club work, cub leader and so on, but almost all based around children.

In 1995 we settled in Peterborough and I began working in an infant school where I had many happy years while my children grew up and moved on.

We always loved being out and about walking, cycling or traveling the country to family and friends. I also love gardening and crafts and messy things that are always more fun with little fingers to help.

Now, having become a grandmother, the time came for a change and I felt that returning to my roots, working with preschool children, was the way to go.

I was introduced to Little Incredibles and was hooked. I am excited to have the chance to be part of this friendly and dedicated team.

Karen Smith

I have always had a passion for working with children and have always been involved in working with and teaching children in one way or another.

I studied German and Spanish at Hull University with the hope of becoming a language teacher and spent a year in Spain as part of my studies, teaching English as a Foreign Language with all age groups including 3-5 year olds, which was a challenge but amazing fun! During my time at uni I was also very blessed to spend each summer holiday travelling as an au pair with a german family, who I formed close bonds with and am still in touch with today.

I got married, moved to Peterborough and taught German and Spanish in a local secondary school until the birth of our eldest daughter in 2005. I was a stay-at-home mum until just before our youngest daughter started school and found that I loved being around the younger children so much that I got a job as a play assistant in a local pre-school and I retrained to become an Early Years Teacher in 2014.

I was drawn to Little Incredibles when I heard about Sue and Leisa’s passion for outdoor play as I spend lots of time in the outdoors with my own family; cycling, kayaking and enjoying and nurturing nature.

Haley Lilley

Raising my five daughters has its challenges at times but is so rewarding.  I cared for my girls full time until my youngest was 9, fitting in part time jobs where I could.

I’ve always been interested in nutrition and I love preparing

healthy meals for my children.  My eldest daughter is vegan and and I enjoy the challenge of experimenting and finding new recipes with her.

In  the spring of 2017 I began working at Little Incredibles preparing and cooking lunches and a few months later, the afternoon teas for the children .  I create healthy meals taking into account the likes and dislikes of the children and ensuring each meal provides for their nutritional needs

I have a fantastic time working here & enjoy seeing the children (mostly) enjoying the food I prepare for them.

Sue and Leisa have been very supportive and I hope to learn more as I continue my Little Incredibles adventure.

Jules Adamson

I moved from Cumbria to a small village in the north of Scotland with my husband and two children in the 1990’s and saw the need for a nursery. 
The hall attached to the village school was the perfect and I worked very closely with the teachers to ensure the children were ready for their next step in education. 
When I started the nursery there were four children and when I left Scotland five years later there were eighteen. 
I moved to Peterborough seven years ago and four years ago started working in childcare again. I realised then just how much I loved it and how I’d missed it!
I started my Level 3 in childcare to push myself, further my education and help children with their learning journey. I’m enjoying it immensely, but I know that I learn many things by listening and adapting to young minds and their ideas. 
I try out all of my ideas for the nursery children with my nine grandchildren, from arts and crafts to science experiments. As you can imagine I’m always on the go!
As well as a LOT of babysitting, I enjoy outdoor swimming, walking my dogs, reading and painting.
I found Little Incredibles and loved the friendly atmosphere and outdoor space. I hope I can make the children smile as much as they make me! 

Bethany Lawson

Growing up I have always been around young children, due to our massive family. I am at my happiest when I am surrounded by children getting stuck in with their play. Although at first, I never saw childcare as my future career.


In fact, I saw my future in sports and football. I have always been sporty and I love the outdoors, whether it be playing football, running or even climbing up mountains. I had grown up going to football matches with my dad, being first in all the races at school (flying past the boys!) and just spending all of my time outdoors. I continued this through school and took physical education, childcare and food and nutrition for my GCSE’s. Unfortunately, half way through my GCSE’s I had to drop out of physical education due to an injury. I didn’t know what else to do, until my mum suggested childcare to me.


As soon as I took my first placement in a pre-school, I was taken away with how much joy it filled me with. Helping them learn how to ride a bike to helping them write their name for the first time, it was incredible. I felt as though I belonged and working with children is what I was meant to do.


I found Little Incredibles in May 2017 and have never looked back. This is the place for me.


Flora is our Little Incredibles dog, she was born in July 2018 and is a cavapoo.  She lives at Sues house and comes to the nursery most days. She loves to be around the children, playing with them or watching and listening as they read stories and sing.  She especially likes to go out in the Big Wild Garden with them or on walks to the woods. 

Clare Smith

Working with children has always been my dream job. 


Having had my own daughter Sophie attend the setting, I see the love and dedication put in by the whole team and I knew I wanted to be involved. 

There isn’t a better feeling watching a child grow and develop into their own little person. 


I love nothing more then watching a movie (Disney of course) snuggled with my hubby and daughter or a nice long family walk around the village. 


I can not wait to get started and thank Sue and Leisa for the opportunity to be a part of the Little Incredibles family once again.