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Little Incredibles Food and Meals

We are delighted to be able to offer healthy nutritious meals for our children at little incredibles. 


We believe that meal times are an important time of the day for the children to socialise and learn good behaviours as well as to have the opportunity to enjoy and taste a variety of healthy foods vital to their development.  


We have menus for parents to view on our babys days system and encourage contributions from parents for their children’s favourite meal recipes.  Our meals are home cooked and thoughtfully planned to meet the nutritional needs of the children in our care.   They are freshly prepared on the premises to high hygiene standards as we are legally required by Environmental Health. 


Children are encouraged to join in and help with setting up for the hot meal at lunch time and in preparing snacks and their meal at tea time.  They are involved in planting, nurturing and harvesting vegetables, fruit and herbs in their dedicated garden plot and help to prepare raw vegetables and salad items for lunch and tea time.  They may also help in preparing toast, cheese, raisins, fruit, water and milk at snack times.  High fat, salt and sugary convenience foods will rarely be used but may be part of the occasional party such as at Christmas.  


We always enjoy marking cultural occasions with foods from around the world such as the wonderful smells and flavours of India during Diwali, celebrating the children’s diverse culture with Polish day and traditional African dishes.  Children are encouraged to contribute to the menu themselves with their own favourite meal suggestions with recipes kindly shared by their parents.

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Meal times at Little Incredibles are happy, relaxed occasions, children will be given time to develop their independence in feeding themselves, they will be encouraged and given time to try new foods.  


We will ensure that your child’s specific dietary needs are catered for, when your child is settling in with us we will ask that you share their needs such as:


Vegetarianism or veganism,

Cultural preferences,

Food intolerances or allergies.

Specific dietary or nutritional needs.

Meals are provided at an additional cost as follows:

  • Optional Breakfast 75p 

  • Compulsary Lunch £2.50

  • Optional Tea £1.75

  • Snacks are included at no additional charge.



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